Chamber Music

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Duos and Trios

Sonata-Fantasie No. 1 for violin and piano, commissioned by Jasper Wood and David Riley. (2001)

Sonata-Fantasie No. 2 for violin and piano, commissioned by Jasper Wood and David Riley. (2003)

Diabolical Dances for violin and piano, commissioned by Jasper Wood and David Riley.(2006)

Passacaglia for flute, cello, and piano, commissioned by Musical Chairs Chamber Ensemble.(2006)

Violin Sonata No. 3 for violin and piano, commissioned by Jasper Wood and David Riley. (2011)

Calendar Variations for cello and piano, commissioned by Jeffrey Zeigler. (2013)

Nocturne (Walking Along the Danube at Night in Budapest) for two pianos, commissioned by Solungga Fang-Tzu Liu. (2013)

Broken Cycles for percussion and piano, commissioned by Stacey Jones-Garrison. (2014)

Totentanz for flute, cello, and piano, commissioned by Molly Barth, Jeffrey Zeigler, and David Riley. (2016)

Trio for vibraphone, cello, and piano, commissioned by Dave Hall and Gregory Beaver. (2017)

Totentanz arrangement for violin, cello, and piano, commissioned by Trio Casals. (2018)

Sonata for Violin and Cello, commissioned by Hyeyung Yoon and Gregory Beaver. (2020)

Trio for violin, cello, and piano, commissioned by Hyeyung Yoon and Gregory Beaver. (2019-21).

Violin Sonata No. 4, commissioned by the Nebraska State Music Teachers Association, the Music Teachers National Association, and Hyeyung Yoon. (2022)

Quartets and Quintets

Clarinet Quartet for clarinet, violin, cello, and piano, commissioned by the New York City Ballet Choreographic Institute. (2004)

String Quartet No. 1, commissioned by the New York City Ballet Choreographic Institute. (2010)

String Quartet No. 2, commissioned by the Amernet String Quartet. (2012)

Three Stories for woodwind quintet, commissioned by the United States Air Force Woodwind Quintet. (2014)

Particles and Waves for brass quintet, commissioned by Axiom Brass. (2017)

Supernova for brass quintet, commissioned by Axiom Brass. (2018)