What is the difference between a good and great composer?

Do you wish to increase your compositional tools in order to communicate to your audience as clearly as possible?

Do you have amazing ideas, but are not sure what to do next?

Do you wish to learn how to create a large composition?

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Internationally Acclaimed Composer

Mathew has received degrees in Composition from the Eastman School of Music and The Juilliard School, working with some of the most acclaimed composers in the country, such as Samuel Adler, Robert Beaser, John Corigliano, Christopher Rouse, Joseph Schwantner, and Augusta Read Thomas. His music has been commissioned and performed world-wide by some of the most accomplished performers and organizations. His music has been recorded and released on Albany Records and PARMA Recordings.

What I can teach you:


How to develop various compositional techniques to communicate clearly to your audience what you want to express.


The ability to develop themes and motives throughout a composition.


An understanding how to construct a logical, large-scale form to maximize your musical narrative's directness.

Answers to some questions

What are some of my students doing, and what opportunities have they gotten?

My students are working across the country from Los Angeles to New York composing both concert music and film/commercial music. They have won BMI and ASCAP awards, received numerous commissions and performances, including from the New York Philharmonic, have been accepted to composition programs in numerous universities and conservatories such as the Berkelee School of Music, Bowling Green State University, and the University of Colorado, Boulder.

What happens in the trial lesson?

Our trial lesson will be an hour long. I will ask you to email me a score and, if possible, a recording of some sample works 12-24 hours prior to our lesson (they can be a work-in-progress). This will give me an opportunity study and get to know your work before we meet. When we meet, I will first want to get to know you a little more and find out what you wish to achieve and focus on in your composition and your career. We will then go over the work you sent and I will provide feedback.

Why are those three points listed above important?

In my opinion, the greater control composers have over their materials, they will have the ability to more directly communicate with their audience. I wish to help you have greater control over your musical materials and to help expand the compositional tools at your disposal to help you find your voice and be able to have maximum impact with your music on your audience!

Mathew is a great teacher! I appreciate his thoughtful approach to helping me develop my own compositional voice. He has been sympathetic and supportive through the inevitable challenges that come with growing as a composer

— Jonah Sirota, L.A. based film and concert composer.